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I provide psychological assessment services as part of my practice.  Assessment can be useful in determining your specific areas of strength and challenge, and can assist you and your clinical team in determining the best course of treatment.  Testing batteries are customized to answer specific questions in a systematic and comprehensive way. For example, some clients are hoping to learn if they have ADHD, while others are hoping to have some guidance on what treatment approaches in therapy might be most helpful.  I provide all testing and feedback personally, and will provide you with a comprehensive, written report stating my findings and recommendations.

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The first step in the process is to schedule and conduct an initial call to determine if I can be of assistance.  Feel free to contact me via email, telephone, or even by sending me a message through this website.  Let me know some times when you might be available to speak for 15-minutes over the phone and I will confirm a time with you.


Your initial visit will be scheduled after your consultation call if we agree to conduct an assessment.  During your initial visit, I will conduct a thorough interview to learn more about your background.  You will likely also be asked to fill out some initial screening measures that will help to guide your comprehensive assessment process.

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Psychology Session


After the initial interview, a specific testing battery will be designed to best answer the questions you want answered. 

Testing typically takes between 6 and 8 hours to complete, depending on the focus of testing, and involves working one-on-one with me through a number of tasks designed to systematically identify your areas of strength and weakness. Upon completing the assessment process, I will analyze the data and write a comprehensive report, including a summary of findings and recommendations for you and your treating clinicians.


Once your report has been completed, we will schedule a feedback session during which we will go over the results of your assessment, and I will give you a copy of your testing report.  This is an opportunity to ask me any further questions you might have about testing, results, the report, or what to do next.


Fees for assessment services vary; however, some aspects of the process are more predictable than others.  Before proceeding with any part of the process, we will discuss what needs to happen next, and what it will cost, and you can decide whether or not you wish to proceed.  See below for average pricing details:

Initial consultation call - free

Initial interview - $425

Comprehensive assessment - $1,250 - $3,500

Feedback session (45-60 minutes) - free

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